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Highly recomend, within the first treatment I saw improvement in my gelding who suffered a broken pelvis at a very young age. because of that, the compensation in that area is immense, easily causing soreness and becoming tight in the hip especially. magnawave keeps him loose and supple, jagoda really takes the extra time on him where he needs it most she is super patient and very attentive. love the thermal camera she has too! 5☆☆☆☆☆

Kat: Mr. Buzzie Cash

Jagoda does very well with my temperamental off the track QH. She takes her time, she’s patient, calm, and she cares! She care to a barrel race of hours to ensure he was performing at his best and feeling his best! and for that, she will always be go to.

Kelly: The Healing Hird

Jagoda has been offering us a number of different services for several months now. From our reining show horses to our older therapy horses who have arthritic issues, she has been so great with all of them. We have seen great improvements with Magna Wave treatments and have also been renting a PEMF blanket and hock boots so we can supplement our horses with some TLC ourselves in a way that does not break our bank since this equipment is extremely expensive. Jagoda is open to trying out new things and getting our horses as comfortable and in the best shape they can be! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!!!

Karen: The Horse Quarters

I am so thankful to have found JL ElectroTherapy and Jagoda to provide not only my horses but my own personal PEMF therapy. 
Right from our very first appointment Jagoda was invested not only in knowing what she was doing was working but always looking into how to continue treatments with positive outcomes. She has become as invested in my horses well being as if she owned the horses herself. 
She also provides PEMF therapy on myself and family members and I can tell you the treatments work and provide relief. 
I can’t recommend Jagoda and JL ElectroTherapy enough. You won’t find a more professional or dedicated provider out there.

Sponsored Riders Testimonials


“A wonderful company who puts the needs of horses first. Such a range of spectrum in what they offer, all of which are exceptional tools in helping with injuries, muscle recovery, relaxation, or massage- sometimes all in one unit! All units have been easy to use and provide great results. “

Brittany McCarthy


Mary Caitlyn O'malley


Aubrie Miller

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