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Buy Your Own Machine

Certified Sales Represenative for PEMF Complete

Are you looking to invest in buying your machine? Contact us directly, and we will get you set up! You can purchase PEMF Machines through us for business or personal use. If you are interested in a machine, please fill out the form at the button below, and we will get right with you on how to purchase your device!


Why work with a rep?

Buying your first machine is stressful. Having someone on speed dial to help you choose the right machine for you is not only beneficial but can save you time and stress in the long run. We all love the instant gratification of pressing that "Add To Cart", but it is also gratifying to have someone to help you along the way.

Sidenote: Tani had enough of this photoshoot!

Medical & Safety Testing

PEMF Complete only offers medical and safety tested machines to ensure customers' safety and satisfaction.

One of the most important factors about these high-powered machines comes with medical and safety testing. This ensures they are in working condition. To add to this, PEMF Complete machines all have a 10-year warranty and a minimum of 30-year shelf life. Therefore, we stand with the research and time consumed into making each device operate to the best of its abilities with safety testing.


Machine Options

Maintain Your Champions

Each machine is satisfaction guaranteed with a variety of devices to choose from. There are many different types of engines to choose from depending on your use, needs, and wants. If you are unsure what you are looking for, please use the link below to contact an agent!

ALL Machines have now been upgraded! Each time you purchase a machine, you will receive devices with more output than before (The new MINI Plus's Machines are now almost the output of the Gemini!)!

IMG_2547 2.JPG

PEMF Complete Mini Plus


40% Stronger!

*Office & Portable Versions Available*

Dimensions: 12.5″ W x 10.25″ D x 6″H

Approx. Weight: 6.4lbs

Color: Graphite

Coils Included: JCB Single Loop, Small Double Loop

Digital machine

Voltage: 120 to 230 VAC, 1-50 HZ

Made in the USA

Health Canada Approved

Price: 8,350.000


PEMF Complete Sozo


Dimensions: 15.8″ W 12.1″ D X 6.8″ H

Approx Weight: 8 lbs

Coils included: JCB Single Loop, Small Double Loop

Voltage: 120-230 VAC, 1-50 HZ

Made in the USA

Price: $8,350.00


PEMF Complete Mini Gemini



Dimensions: 12.5″ x 10.25″ x 6″

Approx. Weight: 8.5 lbs

Color: Graphite

Coils Included: 12″ JCB Large Loop
7″ Double Small Kappie, 7″ Paddle, pad

Voltage: 120 to 230 VAC, 1-50 HZ

Made in the USA

Digital Machine

Price: $15,000


PEMF Complete Apollo


Dimensions: 17″ W X 12″ D X 26″ H

Coils included: JCB Loop, Small Double Kappie

Approx Weight: 23 lbs

Made in the USA

Voltage: 120-230 VAC, 50 to 60 HZ

Price: $15,000.00


PEMF Complete Elite


*Office, Tote & Portable Versions Available*


Dimensions: 16.75″ W x 13.25″ D x 6.75″ H

Approx. Weight: 14.2 lbs

Color: Graphite

Coils Included: JCB Loop, Small Kappie

Made in the USA

Health Canada Approved

Voltage: 120 to 230 VAC, 1-50 HZ

Digital machine

Price: $19,000-20,000

IMG_2554 4.JPG

PEMF Complete Platinum


*Office & Portable Versions Available*

Dimensions: 19.5” W x 14 .5” D x 25.5” H

Weight: 54.6 lbs

Color: Green & Black

Coils Included: JCB Large Loop, Small Kappie

Analog machine

Voltage: 120 VAC 2 AMP, 220 VAC 1 AMP, 1-50 Hz

Price: $20,000.00


PEMF Complete Gemini


*Tote & Portable Versions Available*

Dimensions: 18.7″ W X 14.8″ D X 7″ H

Coils included: JCB Loop, Small Double Kappie, Padde, Pad

Approx Weight: 18 lbs

Made in the USA

Voltage: 120 to 230 VAC, 50-60 HZ

Price: $24,000.00

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