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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a typical first session like?

A typical first session starts by asking what you or your animals stress areas are and getting to know them. We also give you a form to fill out. A first treatment is anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour and we focus on stress points  and pain areas.

How do DIY Services work and what are the requirements.

Systems can be serviced on a "Do It Yourself" bases month to  month and for Illinois residents able  to pick up in Orland Park IL, also on a day to day and week to week bases. but this does not guaranty availability after your requested month is over. Long term and short term DIY Services are available as well.


Credit Card on File

Current Drivers License or State ID

Signed Contract 

Small Security Deposit (Price depends on unit)

What schedule are clients on?

After 2-3 session scheduled between a week period, depending on your horses training, showing and daily life, I recommend a good medium suitable for you and your horse. Each horse is different, we make sure to put your horse on the right schedule to enhance your success.

Every horse or small animal is different, picking the right schedule will be  beneficial in the long run.

Check  Out Our DIY Units

Maintaining Champions.

We offer many units for long and short term "Do It Yourself" to our customers around the USA. Click the link below and choose the unit that  is  right for you. If you are having trouble making a decision, feel free to message or email us, we will help you!

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