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Body Sculpting

Has the quarantine 15 weighted you down? We offer a exclusive service called  body sculpting or contouring with Cryotherapy. How does it work? By using  CO2 gas that is about -78C, we are able to freeze the fat and tighten the skin. From inches off to wrinkle free living, this is the perfect way to feel your best! 

From now to the end of September, body sculpting is only $250 for stomach and legs!

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Body Sculpting 

Shave off Inches 

Tighten and shrink your body by freezing fat. Look above at some before and after pictures!

Pain Relief

Workout or Rehab Without Pain

While both sculpting can both tone  your body and shave off inches, Cryotherapy is great for pain relief. We offer this service at  a cost effective price for you to live with comfort and relaxation. Great for overworked muscles, rehabbing and arthritis. 

Frotox and Skin Tightening

Ageless Beauty

Not only is  Cryotherapy perfect for body sculpting and pain relief, there are benefits to using on wrinkles, acne scaring and lose skin. Perfect for people of most ages.

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Pain Relief and Relaxation For Horses

Perform Your Best With JL Electrotherapy

Not only are humans benefiting from Cryotherapy but so are horses. By using rapid cooling therapy, horses are able move freely, flexibly, have better stability and perform their best. This type of therapy is perfect of rehabbing touch injuries like ligament tears and fractures.

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Pre/ Post Cryotherapy